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Happy Diwali to all


Diwali, the festival of diya’s, burning candles, fireworks, lightings, sweets, and crackers. It’s basically a 4-5 day celebration. This is one of the most prominent festivals in Hindu Culture in all over India. It is celebrated by different communities all over the world. Diwali is also known as “Festivals of lights”. We all celebrate this festival for the triumph of good over evil.

The Festival is celebrated on Amavasya day and it indicates the beginning of New Year according to Hindu Calender. All the businessman opens new accounts on their shops. We clean our houses and remove all darkness from our lives. We celebrate Diwali for various reasons according to different religions, across the country. In North India, it is celebrated because of Lord Rama came back To Ayodhya after defeating Ravana.

On the other hand, In other places of India, it is celebrated for Goddess Lakshmi. In South India, they are celebrated by burning diya’s and light. It is one of the oldest festivals in Hindu religion.


Friends, Family, and neighbors visit each other houses and exchange sweets and other things to celebrate this festival. Firecrackers are also lit in order to drive away evil spirits. Some families draw a colorful rangoli on their main gate or some other places in their home. We worship Goddess Laxmi, Shri Ganesh, and other Gods by doing puja, chanting mantras and do “Hatri Pujan” also.

On the first day, we have Dhanterus on this day we buy Broom, and steel products on this day. On the second day, we have Choti Diwali also known as “Narka Chaudas”. We light one diya at any corner of the house. Next day is Badi Diwali. After that we have Govardhan Puja on this day God Krishna took Govardhan Parvat on his small finger to save the Gokul village from the rain.

After that, we have Bhaiya Dooj, the day on which every sister pray to god for her brother’s long life and gave him sweets and other things. All these days are very pure.


May this festival of lights bring you peace, prosperity, success, health and great happiness!

Happy Diwali!