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Relationship between husband and wife

Good Relationship always need trust and loyalty


We can’t define in one word between the relationship between a husband and wife. You can write a book on it. Its undefined.

There are so many things which can define this relationship. I am defining some of them but these are a few things which I am showing here to you.

First and foremost is term Honesty. Honesty is a term which can be the crucial term in every relationship whether it is in between husband and wife, brothers and sisters, GF and BF etc.. One has to be honest with other partner for build a healthy relationship.

This doesn’t mean that you will become cruel to your partner and tell in front of your partner’s face about their faults and other things but a meaningful communication between the two of you about what things makes you both comfortable and what are thing which makes uncomfortable between you. Share you actual thoughts with your partner about herself/himself. Always discuss with her/him your views with full honesty. Without honesty there can be no Trust in between the relationship.

Now the second things which comes in my mind about relationship is Communication. Communication plays a very important role in each relationship. Being a husband and being a wife your communication to your partner is very much useful. You need to communicate with your partner so that he or she can understand you well. In a new married life especially in arrange marriage there is much need of communication between each other so that you both will be know about each other well and you will come to know about each other behavior. Communication plays a key-role in enhancing your relationship. Tell him/her about your daily routine , office life, your habits and you liking and disliking.

Next things comes to mind is Trust and support. Trust is the root of your relationship. You need to trust each other whatever the situation is this. I am not saying that you can trust blindly on each other but at least listen to her/him , take some time , think and then take a decision. If you can’t trust each other then your relationship will not go longer. Now support is a word which defines also your trust on your partner. The more you trust on your partner, more you support him/her. Always support your better-half on any circumstances. She left her home , her family and relatives only for you. Now this is your responsibility to support her and make her feel special. May be she is wrong sometimes , then also talk to her , discuss with her , try to see her point of view and decide whether she is right or wrong.

Now the next important point is Respect to each other. Always respect your partner. It is for both , the husband and the wife. If you can’t respect your wife or husband then you can you expect from others to respect your partner. I can’t imagine a healthy relationship without the respect between two people. There are plenty of things my wife and I don’t agree on. But that doesn’t mean to be disrespect to her. A lot of minor disagreements can lead to major unhappiness.

There are so many other prospective which we can consider. They are endless but these are some crucial points which can lead to a healthy and successful marriage life.


  1. Waoo …..nice blog …happie to read such kind of articles because now a days these beautiful component is missing out there from couples life ….[]….[]…….

  2. Communication is key in order for any relationship to succeed! The tips on this blog are extremely important and I am glad you blogged about it.

    So many fail at the relationship due to lack of proper communication.

  3. you are absolutely right Shevy . Spending quality time is a major perspective of any relationship. This was a major problem between some couples for breaking a relationship.

  4. Thanks Tricia ! Honesty is the no 1 requirement in any relationship whether it is off husband and wife or some other relationship.

  5. I agree with you that Trust is the main deciding factor in any relationship. Also being supportive of her and making her feel special. A lot of men these days don’t do this especially after dating for a while. They do it at the beginning then stop. Another major area for me in any relationship is Spending Quality Time. Sometimes this can make or break a relationship. I believe in taking time off from your busy schedule to spend with one another.


  6. Thanks for sharing. From a woman’s perspective, this sounds like great advice. I definitely believe that honesty is the number one requirement in a relationship.

  7. Thanks for this awesome advice, I have been having some issues in my relationship recently and I think its mainly down to communication. I find that if I can just listen intently to my partner, for even just a few minutes, without interrupting, she feels heard I understand better. Thanks again. Neil

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