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Child care: Winter safety tips for parents and kids


The winter season is here, and with it comes the breezy winds leaving you awestruck by the beauty of the cold season. For kids, it’s time for holidays, which means that they will get a well-deserved break from the strenuous monotony of classroom activities.

But, don’t just get lost in the ‘dreamy’ picture, but devote your attention towards the downside of these cold winds too. As temperatures and humidity go down, so does the risk of cold-related illness. Kids no wonder are most excited to spend more time outdoors, ignoring their health and safety. Therefore, the parents need to be careful to ensure their kid’s safety.

So, here are some simple tips for parents to ensure a healthy winter vacations for their little ones while they enjoy outdoors.


a) Make your child wear clothing made from warm materials but make sure that they are dressed neither too warm nor too cold.

b) Applying insect repellents are a must for your child before they go out to play to protect them from insect bites and bugs that can cause various infections.

c) It is very important for kids to drink plenty of water as dehydration is very common during winter season. So, make sure that you keep a water bottle with them while they go out to play.

d) Always apply a good sunscreen, with a high SPF factor, which is safe for kids (depending upon the skin type) whenever your child is about to go out in the sun to play to protect their skin.

e) Frequent washing of hands is a must so that your child is protected from winter bugs.

f) Parents should take care of it that children should not play alone in the open area. There should be a strict supervision is mandatory, especially for the age group till 7-8 years.

g) Try to escape heavy food in dinner especially.

h) A very useful habit for the human body is to take massage. This is very important in winters. Children should take massage before every bath so that the blood circulation & their body moisture should remain intact. Massage with any Coconut oil or Olive oil could be the best option because it pertains fatty acids and Vitamin E, for the nourishment and glowing skin.

i) In Winters we have a variety of fruits, vegetables, & drinks. Children should take all of them with a limited quantity. Fibers and proteins should be balanced in all the meals. Dry fruits and seasonal fruits should be taken. Different kind of soups maintains the interest in diets. Green vegetables enhance the nourishing value of the foods.

j) Make sure your child’s daycare center has a reasonable policy on keeping sick kids away from healthy ones. Many facilities require a child with a fever, flu, vomiting, diarrhea or an eye infection to stay home until these symptoms subside. If you often notice obviously sick kids at your baby’s daycare, it’s probably time to chat with the caregiver or director about enforcing the rules on sick kids more stringently.

k) You can help protect your child from some viruses and bacteria simply by making sure his/her vaccinations are up to date and that he gets a yearly flu vaccine once he’s 6 months old.

l) To provide your baby with optimum immunity, breastfeed him if you can. Once he’s eating solids, make sure he gets all the nourishment he needs by offering him a variety of healthy foods. Create a schedule that will help him get plenty of sleep each night as well as lots of physical activity every day.

In the end, I would suggest to all parents, Please  be more provocative about the health of their children. Encourage your children for daily workouts with some outdoor activities too. As by these physical activities the immunity of your children will be enhanced. And he/she will perform better in his / her life and enjoy life with better prospects


  1. Sunscreen is not only for hot season.. it is a good practice using it in winter..I usually do.but never serious about kids skin. Now I am aware of..

  2. Great tips, especially the sunscreen. So many parents don’t realize the sun can damage skin in every season. My little ones are over 40 years old but I’m sharing this with others that have children.

  3. Some great practical advice here. Thanks for sharing. I learn new things every day by reading your blog and I really enjoy the different topics you cover. Most people don’t think about applying sun cream unless it is boiling hot and often too late. I also heard that it is the best anti-ageing cream you can buy.

  4. Very informative. Apply sunscreen and mosquito repellents in winter? Wow ok! Luckily for me I don’t have kids yet. I also live in the tropics and don’t know what its like with snow. But some very valid points to consider if I should ever need it in the future.

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